In my previous article I discussed how to set up environment before sleep for helping sleep well. Today I am going to talk about what to eat before sleep and all the related activities. As another instinct of our human beings eating is as important as sleeping but they are not separated at all, on the contrary, they affect each other a lot even they don’t happen at the same time. Today I am going to introduce top 14 foods help sleep well. If you want to know what unhealthy eating habits or foods we should avoid before sleep please check here.

In China we have a saying: be full from breakfast; eat well for launch; eat a little for dinner. Another version is “having breakfast like a King; having lunch like a minister; having supper like the poor.” Which says from morning to night the amount of the high calorie foods intake should be reduced accordingly. The funny thing is that one of my Russian friends told me they have the similar saying in Russia: having breakfast by yourself; sharing lunch with others; giving out your dinner to others. So my first and most important advice is don’t eat any food after dinner and before sleep if you are not hungry. no food before sleep if not hungry The reason is that when you want to sleep all of your body wants to have a rest as well. If eating a lot of foods especially high calorie foods, it takes longer for your stomach to digest and it is like a burden for your stomach. In this case, sleeping quality will be reduced.

It is also hard for you to fall asleep if you really hungry before sleep. You have to eat something just to make you feel not hungry. I want to recommend following top 14 foods not only to make you not feel hungry but also help you achieve high quality sleep.

1. Milk + Honey     milk and honey

Milk helps sleeping well. It is not a secret and being well-known by a lot of people. Milk contains a kind of tryptophan which makes people feel calmness just as amino acid does. Calcium can help your brain make full use of this tryptophan. Tryptophan and serotonin will help your body generate melatonin for sleeping well.

A lot of sugar can make people under great excitement but a little glucose will let our brain generate orexin which is closely related with sleep.

So a cup of warm mike and several drops of honey is a very good combination before sleep.

2. Banana     banana

Banana is a “sleeping pill” with peel around. It not only contains rich serotonin and N-acetyl-5-methoxytryptamine (Melatonin) but also contains magnesium which can relax our muscles.

3. Nuts      walnuts and almonds

    • Walnut has huge nutritive value. People with nervous breakdown, loss of memory, insomnia or eating disorders can receive relief from these symptoms by having walnut.
    • Almond contains tryptophan and magnesium to keep you calm and relaxed.

4. Oats      oats

Oats contain rich N-acetyl-5-methoxytryptamine (Melatonin). You can have a small bowl of boiled oat porridge with a little honey mixed together. Personally I think this one is pretty good.

5. Potato      potatos

Potato can help to get rid of acid compounds which prevent tryptophan from functioning well. You can see the result doubled up if you can have mashed potato mixed with milk.

6. Whole Wheat Bread      whole wheat bread

A piece of whole wheat bread with honey can help our body release a kind of Insulin which will guide tryptophan to our brain and changed to serotonin. It is like someone whispered into your ears:”It is time to go to bed now.”

7. Turkey      turkey

Every thanks giving time we can see people sleep well and it is all due to turkey. Turkey is considered as the best source of tryptophan. You will have sleeping journey even start from kitchen if you can have pieces of whole wheat bread with pieces of turkey.

8. Chrysanthemum Tea      chrysanthemum tea

Chrysanthemum tea can relieve uneasiness of mind and body tranquilization. It is a natural sleeping medicine.

9. Cherry      cherries

Cherry contains rich vitamins. Drinking a cup of cherry juice can improve the quality of sleep. It also contains melatonin which will help you fall asleep easily.

10. Semen Zizyphi      semen zizyphi

This is from ancient China. Semen Zizyphi is a Chinese medicine. It is good for liver and tranquilizing the nerves. You can buy some Semen Zizyphi from Chinese medicine store, stir-fry until cooked and mill it into powder. Every day before go to bed just mixed some powder with hot water to make a cup of Semen Zizyphi tea. I think this one is the best.

11. Lotus Seeds      lotus seeds

Lotus seeds have delightful scents that I loved so much. Raw lotus seeds taste crisp and boiled ones have creamy texture. They contain aromatic glycosides and lotus seed alkali. Thus, these magic seeds can nourish blood to tranquilize, appease neural system, remiss fatigue, improve sleeping and increase sleeping quality step by step. My recommended recipe is to boiled lotus seeds with a little bit sugar.

12. Millet      millet

Millet contains starch which is easy to digest. It will fill your stomach and help your body to produce Insulin then increase the number of tryptophan in your brain. Thus, you feel sleepy. The way of cooking it is the same as how you cook oats (#4).

13. Chinese Dates      Chinese dates

The sweet Chinese dates contain sugar, protein, vitamin C, organic acid, mucoid substance, calcium, phosphorus, iron… First of all, it is very good for our health, especially good for spleen. Secondly, they tranquilize the mind, overcome anxiety, make you even-tempered and fall asleep easily. But don’t eat too many, 30g~60g Chinese dates boiled with water is recommended.

14. Asparagus Lettuce      asparagus lettuce

Asparagus lettuce has white slurry which can tranquilize the mind and calm the nerves. And also it is not toxic to humans and good for people suffering from insomnia with neurasthenia. You can cut asparagus lettuce into pieces and boiled with water.


OK. That is all from me about the “What to Eat before Sleep” topic. Why not try out the 14 foods I recommended above if you are suffering insomnia? Please let me know how do you feel if you have tried out? You are very welcome to leave a comments below if you want to recommend other foods to help sleep well. I really hope this article can help you and wish you have sound sleep tonight!


  1. Hi Juliana,

    This website is a great idea! haha.. I too love to sleep. Although, I’ve never had much problems sleeping every since a baby. Sometimes my mom says I sleep too much. But I guess everyone enjoys sleeping differently. These tips are great, I can suggest them to my friends if they ever get sleep problems. Nowadays, in the modern society especially in Hong Kong (PS I’m currently here), many people have these problems.

    Thanks for sharing these tips again!


    1. Hi! Yanny,

      You are so lucky that you don’t have sleeping problems.
      Thanks for sharing my ideas to your friends who need help. I am so glad that my website can help people and that is the purpose for me to keep working on it.
      I came from China so definitely I can understand how busy people are and how easily they can get sleeping problems in Hong Kong. I have co-workers from Hong Kong too and even my ex-boss is from Hong Kong. They do things very fast and I think they give themselves too much pressure. I am going to post articles dealing with high pressure using different ways since I think that is the main reason for bad sleep.


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