As we all know that sound sleep is necessary for our health and it is a very important component in our daily life – it takes approximately one third of our 24 hours every day. Since it is an instinct which we are born with, a lot of people don’t pay much attention about that and they think it is as easy as if you are hungry you just go to eat something. On another hand, some people just struggle with getting good sleep during night due to different reasons. How to sleep well at night? Today I am going to give you some tips on setting up environment to help sleep well at night based on my experience and research. No matter whether you’ve heard them or not before I hope my tips can help you in certain level.

1. Temperature      temperature measure

  • Room temperature: Please adjust your room temperature before go to bed. The best room temperature is different from person to person. In general, 20℃-23℃ (68℉-73.4℉) is the best temperature range for adult. Younger peoples like to adjust the temperature a little lower and older peoples like it to be a little higher.
  • Temperature in sheets on your bed: in general, 32℃-34℃ (89.6℉-93.2℉) is the range that people will feel very comfortable thus it is easier for human to fall asleep. If this temperature is too low, it takes time for a body to warm it up and also sucks a lot of body energy. Therefore, after a while the cerebral cortex is stimulated so that one cannot sleep soon or sleep well. The same that if this temperature is too high.

2. Humidity      humidity measure

It is related to room temperature. The best practice is as follows: in summer, if the room temperature is 25℃ (77℉), it is better the humidity range is 40%-50%; in winter, if the room temperature is 18℃ (64.4℉), the appropriate humidity range is 60%-70%. The rule is higher room temperature lower humidity. Let me explain why: If the air is too humid the pineal gland in our body will generate more pineal hormone which will cause less thyroxin and adrenaline, hence people will feel very exhausted, get Irritability, loss of appetite and arthritis; on the contrary, if the air is too dry our body water will be evaporated very fast so that our skin will get dry and mucosa of nasal cavity will get stimulated, thus it is easier for people to get Respiratory system illness. Based on the best practice above I am sure you can find the best combination for yourself. Personally I like my room temperature to be 20℃(68℉) and humidity to be 55%.

3. Don’t close the window      open window

some people think it is better to close window before go to bed because they think if they leave the window open they will catch cold while they sleep. But the correct thing is leave the window open before sleep. Here is the explanation: After we fall asleep we inhale oxygen 300ml/minute and exhale carbon dioxide 250ml/minute. If the window is closed during we sleep the oxygen will be reduced less and less and exhale carbon will be increased more and more. Meanwhile, the amount of germs, dust and some toxic substances increase exponentially which will harm our health. So we should leave at least one window open before sleep. If you still think it is too cold, you can leave the window opened a fraction. If it is too noisy outside, at least you can leave you inside door open.

4. No plant in bed room      no plant in bed room

Please don’t put plant in your bed room during night time since without photosynthesis the plant need to use oxygen and generate carbon dioxide which will make the air even less oxygen.

5. No electronic products in the bed room or turn them off

       turn phone off

This means don’t bring work to bed. with the lap tab in your bed room it is easier for you to open it and work before you lay down to bed. with cell phone it is pretty easy for you to surf online which will postpone your start time of sleep. On the other hand, you want to avoid radiation which mostly comes from electronic products. If you have to keep them in your bed room please turn them off.

6. Darkness      darkness

Melatonin can shorten the time before we fall asleep, improve sleep quality, reduce the number of awake during sleep, shorten shallow sleep time and longer deep sleep time. It is also helpful if a person has jet lag. Melatonin is generated by pineal body in our body and it is effected by light. Thus, if the environment is too light the amount of melatonin will be reduced and if it is very dark our body will incease melatonin production. So personally I think the darker the better for sleep.

7. Noise      noise

The following 2 situations work for different people. You can choose the one works for you.

  • No noise at all: most of the peoples like no noise when they try to sleep so even some people need to use earplugs to help them. Personally I don’t like to use earplugs since I not only feel uncomfortable with them but also can hear my heart beating which is annoying.
  • Background noise: some people don’t like dead quite environment, light back ground white noise will help them to fall asleep quickly. Such as fan noise, sound of the rain, sound of the ocean waves…

8. Use cotton made bed products

               cotton made pajamas

This concept is from old Asia. The following 2 advantages make cotton products the best bed products.

  • Hygroscopicity. Normally cotton fiber can absorb water from air and it can contain water 8%-10% so skin will feel soft when touching it. If the humidity increases in the air and temperature goes high, the water in cotton fiber will be evaporated in order to balance it. Thus cotton product will make skin feel not too dry or to wet.
  • Heat preservation. Cotton fiber is a poor conductor of heat and electricity. Also, it has high elasticity and porosity so between cotton fiber there is a huge amount of air which is a poor conductor of heat and electricity, too. So cotton bed products will keep you warm. I recommend to use bed products made by cotton everywhere touches your skin. For example, pajamas, sheets…

9. Hard mattress       hard mattress

Our body has two major joint- Lumbar vertebra and cervical vertebra. When we face up lay down on a very soft mattress our body has the shape of “W” but we only get good sleep when our body has the shape of “V” or linear shape which requires our mattress has to be hard, at least not too soft.

10. Pillow      pillow

The height of our pillow should be the diameter of our fist. Pillow will expire as well and how to decide when you have to change a new one? Easy. Put your pillow on a flat surface, fold it half, squeeze air out and if the pillow recovers to its original stage when you release it you can continue using it; Otherwise please change a new one.


OK. That’s all. There are a lot of factors can affect our sleep and I just list 10 most important ones in terms of environment setup from my point of view. You can try them and let me know what you think. Also, please let me know what factors are important to you even though they are not in the list above. In the end I really hope this article can help you in certain level. How to sleep well at night? Start from tonight.

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