Different people have different types of jobs. Depends on what people are doing and types of jobs certain amount of people have to work during night and rest during the day. Thus, their life pattern is upside down and they become night shift worker. Is that good for their health and safety? Always taking night shift can weaken human’s immune system so night shift workers’ health and safety will be affected in certain level. Some people will have Biological clock disorder which can be harmful to their eyes and brain. In a long run, they will get tired easily, feel exhausted, and get upset, especially age faster. Most of the time this is not avoided in order to earn a living but we can adjust our life to minimum the harm from taking night shift. During sleep our body does self-repairing work as we all know. And even for different time during sleep different part of our body are repaired. Thus, we know how important high quality sleep for people who are taking night shift. This article will give you 6 tips on how to sleep well after a night shift.

1. Environment

  sleep environment

Setup bedroom to make it more suitable for sleeping. If you want to know the detailed information please check article “How to Sleep Well at Night? – 10 Best Tips for Setting up Sleep Environment“. Following 2 items are very basic.

  • Keep bedroom quiet and cool. Use ear plugs if it is still noisy during the day.
  • Since day light can stimulate your eyeballs even though you close your eyes you are affected as well. Thus, your sleep quality is affected too. You can draw window curtains to get darkness. Also, you can use eye shades if it is too light.

2. Have some foods but not be full


You may be very exhausted and hungry after a night shift. And you don’t want to stuff your stomach before going to bed. Since you cannot sleep well if you are either full or hungry. For detailed information you can check article “What to Eat before Sleep? – Top 10 Foods Help Sleep Well“. Below is the list of foods and food combinations you can have to make you fall asleep easily.

  • A cup of warm milk or soy milk and a banana.
  • A bow of boiled oats’ porridge and pieces of turkey.
  • Pieces of whole wheat bread, pieces of turkey and a cup of warm milk or soy milk.
  • A potato, a cup of warm milk or soy milk and some nuts.
  • Food with rich Vitamin A or carotene. It is easily for one to get tired eyes if he is taking night shift. So he needs to have some food with rich vitamin A to protect and repair the eyes. This kind of foods are: animal livers, egg yolk, fish eggs. Vegetables, soybeans, tomatoes, carrots, red pepper contain a lot of carotene which can be transformed to vitamin A in our body. Thus, they are good chooses for who is taking night shifts.
  • Don’t have spicy foods, oily foods; don’t drink strong coffee or tea.

3. A small glass of red wine

red wine

This is known by more and more people. Red wine is not only have good taste but also good for your health. You can have a small glass of red wine before going to bed if you have extra money. With the smell of grapes or berries you could easily get relaxed. With a small amount of alcohol you will get sleepy fast as well. Please remember the amount of wine should be small that you cannot get drunk with it. Getting drunk is not good for high quality sleep since you will only have shallow sleep without deep sleep. You would rather don’t drink it if it is easy for you to get drunk or lose control of getting drunk.

4. Turn off cell phone

turn off cell phone

Surf online with your cell phone will stimulate your brain and make you hyper but actually your brain is very tired. So you’d better turn off cell phone.

5. Have a healthy mind-set

healthy mind-set

You will have anxiety if it is hard for you to fall asleep during the day. You may worry about how you can take another night shift if you cannot sleep well now. The more you want to fall asleep as soon as possible the harder for you to achieve your goal. Don’t think about that too much. Do something I introduced in the following part of this article.

6. Do some exercise


Some people think that for those who take night shift don’t need to do exercise during the day and for those who work during the day need to do exercise before going to bed. But it is better and important for those who take night shift to do some exercise during the day. You want to do some smooth exercise, such as Yoga, jogging to slowly stretch your muscles. Thus, your sleep quality will get improved. You can also do some breathing exercise if you are lazy. Please check article “How to Go to Sleep Fast? – 4 Best Breathing Exercises“.

7. Take a warm shower

take a warm bath

Working for whole night you are exhausted now. You cannot be more satisfied by taking a hot shower or soak yourself in a warm bath if possible. The temperature of the water does’t need to be very high. You will be very comfortable when the water goes through your body. Dry your body with soft cotton cloth after warm shower. Then you will feel so sleepy that you just want to dive in to your bed and start your journey of dream.

8. Take a warm foot bath

warm foot bath

You can also take a warm foot bath for your convenience. Just put your feet in a washbasin slowly after a harsh night. Since there are a lot of acupoints and nerves on our feet, with warm water your blood goes faster and metabolism is accelerated. Thus, you will feel relaxed and peaceful. Then fall asleep is not a hard thing.

9. Pieces of light music

listen to light music

Not loud, slow rhythm light music is good before going to bed. Try to enjoy several pieces of light music if you cannot fall asleep soon. Floating Melody goes through your ear into your brain and then let you enter dream country eventually.


Even through you can minimize the harm brought by taking night shift by sleep well, eat well and exercise well but still your health will be affected in certain level. Please try to treat yourself as good as possible and if possible change another job or change you habit of staying up late. I used to take night shift when I was very young and I am lucky that I don’t have to do that or stay up late any more. You could try the above 9 tips on how to sleep better during the day if you have to stick to your current night shift. Let me know how you feel about them and which one works best for you. You can also share your sleep secrets if you have some for helping each other. How to sleep well after a night shift? I think you know what to do.

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