As we all know that normally if someone cannot sleep well the reason is from inside not outside environment and stress/pressure is the root cause. Regular exercise is a good way to reduce mental stress. In this article I am going to introduce how regular exercise help to reduce the effects of mental stress. Also, I will give some suggestions on best timing and ways of doing exercise. Finally, some tips of doing exercise will be provided as well.

Endorphin effect is the main reason that exercise can help to reduce mental stress and make people calm down. Endorphin is a human body hormone which is called “Happiness factor”. Our body will produce endorphin which can pleasure nerves and take pressure away when exercise to certain amount of time.

Besides, proper exercise is good for getting rid of fatigue. A lot of people wok 9am to 5pm, monotonous and boring. And working like this for a long period will cause physical and mental fatigue. Exercise can change the stimulation and play an important role for improving and adjusting brain function. So we have to properly arrange exercise. We want to avoid exercise which only repeatedly stimulates half of our brain or some functioning area of our brain so that we can get tired easily. We need to adjust the exercise time and strength for different movements so that our brain will get stimulated thoroughly.

Best timing to do exercise for reducing stress

The highest and lowest point of human physical strength are controlled by biological clock. Usually it gets to peak in the evening. For example, the lowest point of the oxygen intake amount is 6pm; heart beating and adjustment of blood pressure get most balanced between 5pm and 6pm; our smell, vision and tactile sensation are most sensitive between 5pm and 7pm; between 4pm and 7pm hormone activity is in good status, physical adaptability and nerve sensitivity are the best. So taken together it is better to do exercise in the evening and in this way we will get better result. But we have to remember exercise intensity control is necessary, otherwise too much exercise will cause sympathetic nerve excitement so it is hard for us to fall asleep.

Ways of exercise for reducing stress

1. Jogging                jogging

Jogging is very common and the easiest exercise. Jogging will give you better result than run fast and vigorously when people under high pressure. Don’t forget to warm up you body and adjust you breathe before jogging. It is better to do jogging for half an hour to an hour and between 5pm and 7pm every day.

2. Hiking                  hiking

Hiking doesn’t need to learn special skills. Hiking is a very good way for people who live near a track or in countryside. Hiking helps people get fresh air, relieve brain fatigue and relax. Tips: wear a pair of comfortable shoes which suitable for long time walking and bring a bottle of water.

3. Climbing Mountain              climb mountain

Nowadays young people used to stay at home and spend time in front of computer. Activity like climbing mountain during weekend is not proper more. During the time of climbing mountain people can enjoy the change of sights of the wonderful place, intake fresh air.

4. Team sports                  play basketball

For students and people who need to enhance team cooperation awareness it is better to do some team sports, such as basketball, football, badminton or ping pang. Doing this kind of sports can not only enhance cooperation capacity, cultivate the sense of competition but also reduce pressure.

5. Swimming                    swimming

People will expand their spine while swimming. This exercise needs our body especially our arms and legs coordinate properly. Deep inhale and exhale can accelerate cerebral blood circulation. The amount of the calories burnt will be doubled than you exercise on the ground because of the resistance of the water, so swimming is also a good exercise for losing weight.

6. Yoga                          yoga

Yoga’s slow movements combine with meditation make you relax easily. Abdominal breathing also can reduce you pressure. Stretching movements not only make you body look sexier but also burn a lot of calories to lose weight for you. Yoga is a good choice If you too lazy to get out to do some sports. It is better to do yoga every day since it is good for you sleep as well.

The benefits of doing exercise

1. Exercise helps you brain release endorphin

Endorphin is a natural neurotransmitter, similar to opium. It is called natural analgesic and it can bring you pleasant sensation and reduce stress.

2. Fight or run is the instinctive response under stress state

Complying with stress hormone, it is good to release energy and reduce stress if exercise with fast heart beating and high blood pressure.

3. Concentration in you brain

Exercise will make you brain easily concentrate to something you want and give you chance to talk to yourself so that to avoid over thinking.

4. Regular exercise can increase self-confidence

Your control on you body, trying to challenge yourself, goal set and achievement will help increase self-confidence.

5. Exercise will improve you sleeping quality

The tiredness and relax after exercise will let you sleep soundly, eat well, then you will get out of vicious circle caused by high pressure.

Tips on exercise for reduce stress

1. Don’t take a cold bath after exercise. Since after exercise we feel hot and pores in the skin are open widely so that our bodies can sweat, thereby losing heat by evaporation. Pores will close when we take cold bath which will stop sweating.

2. Don’t drink ice water after exercise. It is like you give you body a big storm in summer if you drink ice like code water after exercise and you body cannot adjust itself to get used to it immediately. You stop doing exercise but you body are still in exercising status and cannot get calm immediately. Your organs will get damaged if you drink ice water at this time.

3. Don’t drink too much water after exercise. That will lower salinity in human body soon so that can cause shock.

4. It is not good to sit down or squat after exercise. Since sit down or squat right after exercise is not good for blood circulation then you may feel even more tired.


This article introduced how regular exercise help to reduce the effects of mental stress, best timing and the ways of doing exercise and some tips for doing exercise. Have you tried to reduce stress by exercise? How is the result? You are welcome to leave some comments and wish you have a wonderful day.


  1. I must admit that I haven’t done much exercise to help me sleep. For the most part, I exercise as a way to wake up in the morning. So far that has worked decently, but it is a tough way to start the day.

    Yoga is an interesting exercise that I would love to try, but don’t know where to get started. Do you have any good yoga resources that will help me get started?


  2. This is such great information to have. I have a hard time dealing with stress and i’m always looking for ways to feel better. I didn’t realize how much exercising could help me. I want to stop taking anti depressants and find a natural way to feel better and I think you gave me the perfect solution. Thanks so much for sharing this. I will bring it to my dr.’s attention.

    1. I am glad to hear that you want to stop anti depressants by doing exercises. I used to have pills for anxiety and I know this kind of pills have bad side effects and make you addicted to it. My recommendation: don’t stop anti depressants at the beginning and start to do regular exercises every day. Then you will feel better and better day after day. Then you can slowly decrease the amount of pills day by day till eventually stop anti depressants totally. Wish you all the best!


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